At its core, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is the concept of storing irreplaceable value and giving the strongest possible ownership rights to that value.

Unlike fungible assets such as currencies where one unit is interchangeable for another, regardless of when and where it was created, Non-fungible assets store different and provably unique information and data within each unit.

Thus, while fungible currencies are used as a means of buying, selling, or freely exchanging for goods, non-fungible assets very often represent unique goods themselves, and NFTs have become great holders of digital virtual assets that are worth collecting or owning.

Examples of NFT applications are those items only singleton or small batch in number and having unique data that give that item value such as artworks or collectibles, special game items, real estate assets, limited edition goods or tickets.

In the fandom platform that Zenith X wants to create, artists and fans can communicate with each other and consume various content in both directions.

Through the use of blockchain technology, we want to overcome the limitations that existing fandom platforms encounter and create a more efficient and scalable ecosystem.

The fandom platform will be all inclusive, including: fan-participating social production, community space, membership-type media that consumes exclusive content, hosting online concerts and fan meetings, and commerce for digital items and goods, where global artists from various countries will participate and engage their fan bases while the fans themselves can participate in the creative process.

Zenith X

Zenith X

The Zenith X Project is a global fandom platform that seeks to create a new ecosystem in the entertainment industry based on blockchain and Non-Fungible Token.