Introduction of ZENITH X FANS (1/4)

ZENITH X FANS will be a global fandom platform that increases transparency and trust for all ecosystem participants with blockchain technology and facilitates the transaction of digital items and content with NFT technology. In addition to the communication space between fans and artists, this platform will include a media where exclusive contents can be exposed, a commerce portal where strar’s contents or goods are sold, social production where fans vote for their favorite artists to raise them, and crowdfunding where fans can participate in funding in the projects that require initial capital that was originally only covered on the part of agencies and investors.

Social Producing

Artists selected through the first audition from all over the world can participate in Social Production on ZENITH X FANS. Fans are free to vote for the most talented artist among the selected candidates, which is recorded in the blockchain and released transparently. The most important part of voting through blockchain is digital identity verification to ensure the right to vote per person for eligible voters (thereby alleviating any Sybil attack) and the correct voting tally and attribution (thereby alleviating any vote manipulation).

Fans who vote on ZENITH X FANS will be guaranteed voting rights through decentralized identity authentication (DID), which will be identified and encrypted by voters through a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This can lead to a thorough verification of vote data while at the same time not exposing the personal information about who that person is, thereby enabling the creation of publicly available and trusted data for anyone in any vote.

The artist who earns the most votes through this trustworthy voting system will receive systematic training from a management agency and prepare for their debut. Even during the training process, intermittent popularity votes will be held to communicate with fans and artists continuously, and you can check the training progress of the artist through videos uploaded regularly. Through this process, the transparency of voting and trust in the platform can increase fans’ involvement in Social Production and auditions themselves, making them feel like artists they voted for are raised by them, giving them a voice in the artist’s destiny and even dramatically increasing their loyalty to the platform itself.

The Zenith X Project is a global fandom platform that seeks to create a new ecosystem in the entertainment industry based on blockchain and Non-Fungible Token.